My dad and I went fishing on the pier for his birthday (he turned 40 and is now old).

We caught two leopard sharks.

The first was a male, 21 inches and had 4 copepods (which we removed). It was is good shape and we released it well.

The boy shark.

The boy shark.

The second shark was a girl about 14 inches. It had no copepods and was in good shape. It had a good release.

The girl shark.

The girl shark.

Those were all the sharks we caught. We didn’t see anyone else catch a shark while we were on the pier.



We caught a little baby ray. They are related to sharks. That is super cool.

We caught a Seven Gill. It was the biggest one we have ever caught. We had to wait for a long time until we caught something.

The Seven Gill

The Seven Gill

It was a great trip.

We let them all go.

From school today.

abs book

Anna wanted to share some of her thoughts about sharks:

My pumpkin shark.

It's a pumpkin. It's a shark. It's a shark pumpkin.

It’s a pumpkin. It’s a shark. It’s a shark pumpkin.

I went fishing with my dad at the pier today. We waited a LONG time before we caught our first fish. It was four hours until we got a shark.

Garret and his sister came out for a bit and they got to see someone else catch a bit leopard shark.

We caught four sharks all right in a row.

I love shark fishing.

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I went fishing with my dad today on the Dumbarton Pier. We caught two Leopard Sharks. One was 18″ and the other was 24″. We let them both go. I also got to hold a 32″ Leopard shark and a couple of Brown Smooth Hound pups. There was a guy who had three Seven Gill sharks and he was going to take them home to eat (turns out the limit for Seven Gills is actually one). We got to look at the insides of the sharks, see the liver and stomach and what it had been eating.

We don’t kill any of the sharks we catch, but some people do. I don’t like to see the sharks dead.

Anna shark 18 incher

A little Leopard

anna shark 24 incher

A little bigger Leopard

anna shark 32 incher

The biggest of the day. We didn’t catch it, but did get to release it.

seven gill mouth

The mouth of a Seven Gill shark. This one was dead, sadly.

“Sharks get killed every year, more than humans. Help stop this shark thing.”

The girl isn’t lying. Millions of sharks are killed every year and only a handful of humans are killed by sharks. They have much more to fear from us, than we have to fear from them.

Help save sharks.

We catch this size Leopard a lot. They sure are pretty.

My room has a lot of shark stuff.


anna poster

anna stuffed sharks

anna books


My favorite shark thing: My shark books.